When the sisters think Lincoln can tell the future, they invade Lincoln's space.


Lincoln is inside the house, enjoying a brand new video game he bought, which he claims is called "The Night Traveler". Which is the most awesome game in the universe. Suddenly, Luan arrives in Lincoln's doorway. She asks Lincoln if her joke show will go well. Lincoln thinks "yes" and is very certain about his answer, so later, Luan goes to her act to prove Lincoln is right. A title card says ONE HOUR LATER. Luan is back home, and tells Lincoln her act went great, and suddenly realizes that Lincoln could tell the future! Lincoln doubts this, but Luan doesn't. Luan suddenly rushes upstairs.

Lincoln is later playing his game again, but gets startled due to his siblings popping up out of nowhere, Lori says that the others got word of Lincoln telling the future. Joshua adds that it was thanks to Luan. Lincoln was furious and madly asked why Luan would tell everyone that he can see the future. Lisa said that everything was going to be just fine, with the others chuckling, much to Lincoln's disbelief.

Later, Lynn asks Lincoln if her team will win, Lincoln says that they will, so Lynn races out the door and slams the door. Leni then cames to Lincoln and asks him if she will be a very good fashion designer one day. Lincoln respondes "hmm... mabye" as Leni walks away. Lucy asks if Fangs will eventualley become a vampire, and Lincoln says...well...yeah, not likely. Then everyone goes up to Lincoln, who then suddenly tells everyone "QUIET!!". He explains "that he can't really see the future. He was just making a lucky guess. Like, if you were gessuing someone would turn into a Super Sayian, and it happened. That would be a lucky guess. Or if somebody was to live in a pineapple. That would be, if it happens, a lucky guess. Nobody in the house could tell the future!" he ended. All of the siblings were in shock, as they try to understand.

The house is now in complete order again, when Lynn arrives back from her sports game, she was shouting that they were number 1, though Lynn groans, now saying that its time to go number 2, ending the segment.


Luna, Lana, Lola, SpongeBob and Lily have no lines in this segment.


  • This is the first episode in TLHF.
  • This episode reaveles that Lynn plays on a sports team.
  • It is unknown why the joke show Luan has was cut.
  • This is the only fanon episode currently articled on the wiki where Luna appears. However, she has no speaking lines.
    • Nika Futterman (voice of Luna) is the only voice actor of the main voice cast who doesn't have her own page in this wiki.
  • Innuendo: When Lynn comes back from the game, she has to "go number 2" which means "poop".
  • Moral: It's just a lucky guess


  • Night Traveler - The game Lincoln owns has a name very similar to this TV series.
  • Dragon Ball Z - Lincoln uses a Super Sayian as an example in the speech
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Lincoln says "Or if somebody was to live in a pineapple." which is a nod to this series of a sponge living in a pineapple underwater.
  • Cars - SpongeBob's Wagon Has the pattern of star race car Lightning McQueen's Training suit from 2017.

Running GagsModifica

  • Lincoln doubting stuff.
  • Lincoln's siblings pestering him about there possibilitys.
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